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At ESET, we believe that the highest level of security for enterprises can only be achieved by a combination of robust technology and human expertise.

Our offering of services is designed to help you use the full potential of your ESET products, enhance your protection against potential security issues, and prevent attacks from spreading.

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Why do customers appreciate our cybersecurity services?

Proven expertise

Keep up with the rapidly changing threat landscape with the help of experts - at ESET, we have been living cybersecurity for over 30 years.

Simplified procurement

Obtaining products and services from a single provider lets you dramatically reduce the complexity of accounting and procurement processes.

Save time and resources

Priority response times you get with our services ensure faster issue resolution and your IT environment's smooth functioning.

Implementation Services

Tap into the know-how of our teams to solve the unique information security challenges your business may have and ensure you are set up for success by having your security solution configured properly from the outset.

ESET Deployment & Upgrade

Fast, seamless customer support for all new deployments or upgrades.
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ESET Authorized Training Center

Certified training improves the skill-set of your sales force and customer care representatives.
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Security Services

Our highly trained cybersecurity and threat professionals are at your disposal providing immediate response and expert training to face new, unknown or advanced threats.

ESET Threat Monitoring

On-demand threat investigation, root cause analysis and remediation advice.
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ESET Threat Hunting

Search service through networks to detect and isolate threats evading security solutions.
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ESET Threat Intelligence

Extends your security intelligence from local network to global cyberspace.
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ESET Premium Support

Gives you 365/24/7 access to customer care specialists with years of experience in IT security.
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ESET Micro Updates

Up-to-date security for operations with very limited internet access.
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We were most impressed with the support and assistance we received. In addition to being a great product, the excellent care and support we got was what really led us to move all of Primoris’ systems to ESET as a whole.

- Joshua Collins, Data Center Operations Manager Primoris Services Corporation, USA and Canada, 4200 seats

Grupul GreyEnergy, ce are ca țintă sistemele de infrastructură critică, ar putea pregăti noi atacuri periculoase

Cercetătorii ESET au descoperit un succesor al cunoscutului grup APT BlackEnergy - Pe urmele unei temute amenințări, cu un nou arsenal de instrumente  ESET a dezvăluit detalii despre un succesor ...

Soluția ESET Internet Security câștigă premiul pentru Online Banking din partea MRG Effitas

Suntem încântați să anunțăm că ESET Internet Security a primit anul acesta premiul pentru Online Banking, din partea MRG Effitas. Un reper standard în industrie, ...

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